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Hillairet de Boisferon Anne, Apprentissage multisensoriel de lettres et de formes abstraites chez les jeunes enfants et les adultes. Psychologie. Université de Grenoble, 2010. Français. THESE Pour obtenir le grade de Docteur de l’Université de Grenoble. Spécialité : Sciences cognitives, Psychologie & Neurocognition

Abstract Learning to read in an alphabetic system requires children to understand that letters (graphemes) in written language correspond to sounds (phonemes) in oral language. To learn these novel associations requires several years of specific instruction. Using some methods early … Continuer la lecture

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Besançon, M., Lubart, T. (2008). Differences in the development of creative competencies in children schooled in diverse learning environments. Learning and Individual Differences, 18, 391–399.

This two-year study examined creativity development in first through fifth graders in four Parisian schools. Two sites used traditional pedagogy and two used alternative pedagogies, specifically Freinet and Montessori. Overall, students who attended a Montessori or Freinet setting performed higher … Continuer la lecture

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