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Grant, Emily, 2015, The Pink Tower Meets the Ivory Tower: Adapting Montessori Teaching Methods for Law School Arkansas Law Review, Vol. 68, No. 3.

Abstract Some principles of teaching are timeless. Maria Montessori developed a methodology for teaching children over 100 years ago, nearly the same time as Christopher Columbus Langdell was adapting the Socratic Method for teaching law students. Law school professors can … Continuer la lecture

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Besançon, M., Lubart, T. (2008). Differences in the development of creative competencies in children schooled in diverse learning environments. Learning and Individual Differences, 18, 391–399.

This two-year study examined creativity development in first through fifth graders in four Parisian schools. Two sites used traditional pedagogy and two used alternative pedagogies, specifically Freinet and Montessori. Overall, students who attended a Montessori or Freinet setting performed higher … Continuer la lecture

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DENERVAUD Solange, GENTAZ Edouard. Les effets de la « méthode Montessori » sur le développement psychologique des enfants : une synthèse des recherches scientifiques quantitatives. Approche neuropsychologique des apprentissages chez l’enfant, 2015, vol. 27, no. 139, p. 593-598

Abstract The effects of the “Montesssori teaching method” on the psychological development of children: a review of the quantitative scientific studies. The main of this article is to examine the quantitative scientific studies that have evaluated the effects (general and … Continuer la lecture

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