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Babini, V. (2000). Science, feminism, and education: The early work of Maria Montessori. History Workshop Journal, 49, 44–67.

Abstract This authorwrites about a relatively unknown time in Maria Montessori’s life, the years from 1896 to 1907. During this period Montessori graduated with a degree in medicine and wrote her “method of scientific pedagogy.” The author discusses how Montessori’s … Continuer la lecture

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BesanÇon, M., Lubart, T., & Barbot, B. (2013). Creative giftedness and educational opportunities. Educational & Child Psychology, 30(2), 79-88.

Abstract In contrast to intellectual giftedness reflected in high academic performance and often measured by IQ tests, there is growing recognition that other forms of giftedness exist. This paper focuses on creative giftedness, defined as high potential to produce work … Continuer la lecture

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Lillard, A. S. (2011). Mindfulness practices in education: Montessori’s approach. Mindfulness, 2(2), 78–85.

Lillard presented the benefits of mindfulness training and compared this training to Montessori practices. She concluded that these similar practices may be responsible for executive function and socio-emotional benefits. Abstract Mindfulness training has had salutary effects with adult populations and … Continuer la lecture

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