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Lillard, A. S. (2011). Mindfulness practices in education: Montessori’s approach. Mindfulness, 2(2), 78–85.

Lillard presented the benefits of mindfulness training and compared this training to Montessori practices. She concluded that these similar practices may be responsible for executive function and socio-emotional benefits. Abstract Mindfulness training has had salutary effects with adult populations and … Continuer la lecture

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Cossentino, J. M. (2006). Big work: Goodness, vocation, and engagement in the Montessori method. Curriculum Inquiry 36(1), 63–92.

Cossentino argues that Montessori’s construct of “work” dramatically influences the dominant views of learning, teaching, and schooling. The theory of work with children vastly changes the way teachers interact with their students and how students view themselves in terms of … Continuer la lecture

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