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Rinke, C. R., Gimbel, S. J., & Haskell, S. (2013). Opportunities for inquiry science in Montessori classrooms: Learning from a culture of interest, communication, and explanation. Research in Science Education, 43(4), 1517–1533.

Using ethnographic research methods, these authors explored the essential elements of science inquiry in four Montessori classrooms. They concluded that these Montessori classrooms provided opportunities for students to develop lasting interest in science. Abstract Although classroom inquiry is the primary … Continuer la lecture

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Yen, S., & Ispa, J. M. (2000). Children’s temperament and behavior in Montessori and constructivist early childhood programs. Early Education and Development, 11(2), 171–186.

This study explores the relationship between temperament and behavioral adjustment in constructivist and Montessori programs. The methodology included teacher ratings of behavior and maternal ratings of temperament for 102 children. The findings indicated a small but noticeable tendency for active … Continuer la lecture

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