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Kayili, G., & Ari, R. (2011). Examination of the effects of the Montessori Method on preschool children’s readiness to primary education. Educational Sciences: Theory and Practice, 11(4), 2104–2109.

Kayili and Ari investigated the effectiveness of the Montessori Method for improving preschool children’s readiness for primary education. Using assessment instruments including the Metropolitan Readiness Test and the Kindergarten Behavior Scale, the results indicated that the Montessori Method is more … Continuer la lecture

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Stewart, R., Rule, A., & Giordano, D. (2007). The effect of fine motor skill activities on kindergarten student attention. Early Childhood Education Journal, 35(2), 103–109. The authors conducted an experimental study wi

Abstract This study explored the effect of fine motor skill activities on the development of attention in kindergarteners (n = 68) in five classes at a suburban public school in the Intermountain West through a pretest/posttest experimental group (n = … Continuer la lecture

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Sobe, N. W. (2004). Challenging the gaze: The subject of attention and a 1915 Montessori demonstration classroom. Educational Theory, 54(3), 281–297.

Abstract The child’s attention, how this attention is reasoned about, and how attention works as a surface for pedagogical intervention are central to understanding modern schooling. This article examines “attention” as an object of knowledge related to the organization and … Continuer la lecture

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Lillard, A. S. (2011). Mindfulness practices in education: Montessori’s approach. Mindfulness, 2(2), 78–85.

Lillard presented the benefits of mindfulness training and compared this training to Montessori practices. She concluded that these similar practices may be responsible for executive function and socio-emotional benefits. Abstract Mindfulness training has had salutary effects with adult populations and … Continuer la lecture

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DiCarlo, C. F., Pierce, S. H., Baumgartner, J., Harris, M. E., & Ota, C. (2012). Whole-group instruction practices and children’s attention: A preliminary report. Journal of Research in Childhood Education, 26(2), 154–168.

Abstract This study developed a typology of recommended teacher practices related to whole-group instruction in preschool classrooms and examined the relationship between teachers’ use of the practices and children’s attentiveness. Thirty-nine classrooms in 31 schools (15 public and 16 private) … Continuer la lecture

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